Has there ever been a gumdrop happier than the one pictured here?
A pile of Amigurumi Gumdrops.

D Hook, Worsted Weight

These Amigurumi Gumdrops look sweet enough to eat! They are so quick and easy to make you could have a whole bowl full by the end of the evening! Perfect for all that scrap yarn you have lying around – gumdrops always come in assorted colors!

Note: This pattern is worked amigurumi style so please don’t join your rows!


  • Ch – Chain
  • Sl – Slip Stitch
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • ScInc – Single Crochet Increase, 2 single crochets in one stitch
  • ScDec – Single Crochet Decrease, single crochet 2 stitches together


  • D Hook
  • Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn the shade of candy
  • 6 mm safety eyes
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Stuffing

Amigurumi Gumdrops

Amigurumi Gumdrops crocheted with bulky yarn.

A pyramid of Gumdrops…or tooth decay. Depends on how you look at it. Made with Super Bulky yarn and a L Hook.

Row 1 – Make a magic circle, Ch 1, 6 Sc into circle. (6)

Row 2 – ScInc in every Sc around. (12)

Row 3 – Working in back loops only, (Sc , ScInc) repeat from ( to ) around. (18)

Row 4 & 5 – Sc in each Sc around. (18)

Row 6 – (Sc, ScDec) repeat from ( to ) around. (12)

Row 7 – Sc in each Sc around. (12)

Now is the time to add your gumdrop’s eyes. Whether you are using safety eyes or sewing beads on, do it between the the 6th and 7th rows.

Go ahead and stuff it!

Row 8 – ScDec around. (6)

Use a couple of whip stitches to close the small opening at the top, fasten off, and weave in the end.


You just made an Amigurumi Gumdrop!

Large and small Amigurumi Gum Drops.

If you’ll be my body guard I can be your long lost pal.

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