Amigurumi Ghost

Happy Halloween from Crochet Quickies and to celebrate here’s a cute little no-sew amigurumi ghost pattern! This spooky miniature is crocheted in the round entirely in one piece, so there’s no sewing involved after the crocheting is finished.

** Note**

I was feeling very Halloweeny one day and I designed this Ghost in worsted weight, using a bright white. When I was finished I thought, “Well, you don’t get much cuter than that.” But later on that night I was wondering what the little guy would look like made with a bulkier yarn. I didn’t have any in bright white, but I had picked up a couple of skeins of Isaac Mizrahi Super Bulky in Carlyle which is a varigated white/gray with a silver streak. I had planned on making a hat, but I’m glad I used it for this instead. I think it looks amazing, giving the Ghost a dirtier, more aged look, but still stylish. Ha!

Big and Small Amigurumi Ghosts

Amigurumi Ghost Pattern


  • Worsted Weight Yarn, white or Super Bulky Yarn in a variegated white/gray
  • G Hook or L Hook
  • 7 mm or 16 mm safety eyes
  • sewing needle and sewing thread in black


  • Ch – chain
  • Sl – slip stitch
  • Sk – skip
  • Sc – single crochet
  • ScInc – single crochet increase, 2 Sc in the same stitch
  • ScDec – single crochet decrease, Sc 2 stitches together

This pattern is worked amigurumi style never joining rows. It always helps to mark your rows!

The Ghosts are supposed to be in the tower, not part of the tower!

The Ghosts are supposed to be in the tower, not part of the tower!

Row 1 – Make a magic circle, Ch 1, Sc 6 times.

Row 2 – ScInc in every Sc around. (12)

Row 3 – (Sc, ScInc) Repeat from ( to ) around. (18)

Row 4 – (Sc, Sc, ScInc) Repeat from ( to ) around. (24)

Rows 5-8 – Sc in every Sc around. (24)

Row 9 – (Sc, Sc, ScDec) Repeat from ( to ) around. (18)

Row 10 – Sc in every Sc around. (18)

Row 11 – Working in front loops only, (Sc, Ch 3, Sk 2) 6 times. Join with a Sl in 1st Sc. (6 Ch3 loops)

Row 12 – Sl into 1st Ch3 loop, Ch 1, Dc 4 times, Sc. [In next loop (Sc, Dc 4 times, Sc)] Repeat from [ to ] 4 more times. Join with Sl in 1st Ch. Fasten off and work in ends.

Now’s the time to give this Ghost his face. Insert the eyes between Rows 4 & 5 and stitch his mouth with basic, black sewing thread.

Row 13 – Join yarn with Sl in back loop of 1st Sc of Row 10. Ch 1, ScDec in both loops, (Sc in back loop, ScDec in both loops) Repeat from ( to ) around. (12)


Row 14 – ScDec around. Sl in 1st ScDec. Fasten off, leaving a long end to sew the opening closed.

Congratulations! You just crocheted a Ghost!

Amigurumi Ghost Looking Up

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