I have been crocheting for over two decades, but I’ve never been a fan of afghans and sweaters. Don’t get me wrong here. I love afghans and sweaters, but when it comes to making them myself I usually get about halfway through. By then I’m so bored with the pattern and colors that I set it down for a break and never pick it back up again. Or I pick it back up and find out I’ve lost the pattern or I’ve used the rest of the yarn for another project. And so,

Crochet Quickies was born! Fast, fun, cute, and easy. I try to keep my patterns straight to the point so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself!


If it has not become clear to you yet, it soon will – I love fake food.  I especially love fake food with faces. I think they are as adorable as puppies and kitties combined and there are a million ways to make them cuter.

Remember : A smaller hook and a thinner gauge of yarn will make a smaller food buddy.

I will often use a D Hook with worsted weight. It makes a small guy perfect for keychains, zipper pulls, or playsets your child already owns. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy for a D hook. It makes a very tight fabric that I find frustrating to work with when my hands are tired. My G hook comes out in the these instances and I guarantee that no one will notice when they look at the finished product.   When I feel like mixing it up I use an L hook with a bulky or super bulky yarn. The same pattern yields a small plushy that turns out about the size of your hand. They are super cute and perfect for quick gifts when you want that personal touch but you’re running out of time.

I prefer to use safety eyes for my examples. They are so quick and easy and I think they look good too. They are easily purchased online (if you’re having trouble finding some try a ‘safety eyes’ search on Etsy) and come in a variety of sizes. I also like to substitute beads every now and then. It’s fun to dress them up with a little tigers eye or onyx and I get to dip into the bead stash that keeps growing even though I don’t care much for beading. It is relatively difficult to embroider eyes onto these guys due to the uneven nature of crocheted fabric, but if you’ve got the skill and the guts-go for it! It is possible, I’ve seen it done, but it is beyond me. If none of that floats your boat there’s always felt. Cheap, easy to use, and readily available, you could make some pretty sweet accessories with a couple pieces of felt and a pair of googly eyes.